III. Sage of Health & Wellness

  • Hemp seeds are said to be rich in arginine and gamma- linolenic acid. These have been linked to reduce heart disease.
  • Hemp seed oil has the ability to kill some of the nastiest germs around. These germs include pneumonicoccal, streptococcal, and staphylococcal just to name a few bacteria that can be stopped by hemp seed oil.
  • Other aliments that hemp can suppress is inflammation; this can attack the muscles, joints and tissues. It is said that full spectrum hemp oil can soothe the of temporary inflammation and provide relief.
  • Hemp oil has been found to be a great reliever of stress. It has been found to reduce cortisol production in the body. In doing this, it helps relive the effects of stress. Hemp oil has also been a great benefit to military veterans suffering from anxiety. A study shows that hemp oil reduced their anxiety to back to their normal calm state.
  • Another great use for hemp oil is that it can help people who are having trouble falling asleep. A study found that it can lead to a restful sleep, even for those who have issues with getting to sleep.
  • Hemp is also said to be able to help women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome or PMS . PMS is caused by a lack of gamma linolenic acid or GLA. Hemp oil contains GLA as well as essential fatty acids that can treat the symptoms of PMS. In doing this, it bring the hormone levels back to balance.
  • Hemp seed oil is also good for the brain. It contains fatty acid content as well as polyphenols. These can help the brain against inflammation and can protect the brain.