The Seven Sages

I. Sage of Cultivation & Harvest   
Air, soil, water, and sun come together to create the perfect conditions for the cannabis plant to grow. The Sage of Cultivation and Harvest has been collecting wisdom from whispers all over the world and is an authority when it comes to growth and the workings of mother nature.

II. Sage of Culture & Humanity 
The cannabis plant has influenced human life in a myriad of ways. Religions have embraced it,  songs and stories have been written about it, entire cultures can be identified by it. The Sage of Culture & Humanity is hyper aware of the impact that the cannabis plant has had on the world and loves to talk about it. 

III. Sage of Health & Wellness
The benefits of ingesting the cannabis plant do not end with the psychoactive effect that it is most famous for. Our understanding of the health and wellness benefits is expanding at a rapid  rate due to the relaxation of prohibition. The Sage of Health & Wellness is on the cutting edge of medicinal research and always looking for different ways that the cannabis plant can help us.  

IV: Sage of Alchemy & Science 
Through experimentation and research various different methods of extraction have been  discovered. A variety of different ways to isolate and extract the substances that fuel the magic of  the cannabis plant have been developed like waxes, rosens, distillates, isolates, etc. The Sage of Alchemy and Science is aware of all the ways that we can extract and change the cannabis plant and is always looking for new ways.

V: Sage of Preparation & Consumption 
Every culture, every subculture, every region has their own unique way of consuming cannabis and there is often a ritual to its preparation before consumption. The Sage of Preparation & Consumption will explore all the various ways different cultures use cannabis.  

VI: Sage of Conservation & Commerce 
This sage will explore the many uses of the cannabis/hemp plant while conserving the environment. From plastics to textiles and everything in between. This sage will also cover the changing role cannabis has in the economy and how it is moving from the black market to the mainstream.  

VII: Sage of Law & Social Justice 
Since Harry Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst, the consumers of the cannabis plant have gotten a raw deal. Many innocent people have been sent to prison for the mostly victimless “crimes” surrounding the cannabis plant. But the times they are changing. More and more states are legalizing cannabis and the federal government has legalized all aspects of the plant that don’t include THC as of December 18, 2018. Worldwide, the laws are changing and society is rediscovering the benefits of the cannabis plant. However, 80 plus years of prohibition has left a wake of social injustice and some cultures have born the brunt of prohibition more than others. This sage will educate and seek to help society heal.