Join us this Saturday, October 26 at 2pm to meet Silungile Sibiya (Slu for short), a Sage with international renown.  

Silungile was born in Zululand, now referred to as KwaZulu Natal, in South Africa during the apartheid system. Her father was a priest and her mother was a woman of great faith. Though she grew up in the church, Slu took on a different spiritual journey and became a Rastafarian. 

For her, becoming a Rastafarian came with the obligation of becoming a responsible citizen of the earth and the collective. To be the voice of the downtrodden, the wounded and the suffering by fulfilling the Rastafarian creed, which is that the hungry be fed, the sick nourished, the aged protected and infants cared for. 

From these sentiments she became a volunteer for Food for Life, a Krishna Consciousness feeding program for the disadvantaged and in some instances, those who are displaced.

Slu studied video technology at the Durban University of Technology and later became a television camera woman, editor, producer and worked in the television broadcasting industry for 20 years before she decided to leave the corporate world to follow her heart and do the things her spirit was calling for.

Her love for people, nature, music, arts and culture inspired her to start her own music festival called Care Reggae Festival, which she organized and hosted in her rural home as a way of giving back to the underprivileged community, that was until she lost her home in a fire. Losing material awoke her inner knowing and made her realize that this is what she had asked for, to live a life of purpose by being her authentic self. It was then that she moved to Robertson, in the Western Cape, after the fire and the beginning of a new cycle for her.

Silungile Sibiya is a spiritual healer and a storyteller. She is currently a Kundalini Yoga student teacher. She also produces hemp infused products from her home in South Africa and has started a women-led cannabis business called Women on Weed or WOW. She enjoys the simplest and lightest moments in life. Through the lens, she will take you on the journey she has travelled and let the pictures speak of the beauty she’s seen so you too can be a part of her experience and find a thread that reminds us that we are all connected in this circle of life, and that through giving, sharing, caring, love and compassion, we plant seeds that bear fruit for the better future we want to see in the world. This is the spirit of Ubuntu, humanity, humility!